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Angel Policy

Patches of Pink Digital Stamp Angel Policy and Terms of Use

Quick Summary:

Play nice and don't break my heart.

Patches of Pink designs...

  • are copyrighted and owned by Jalisa at Patches of Pink.
  • are for your personal use only.
  • may not be sold and/or claimed as your own designs.
  • may not be modified in any way.
  • may be sold or donated to others ONLY when the images are on items that you have personally hand-made AND you have purchased a commercial license for that digital image from Patches of Pink. In other words, the images themselves (alone) may not be sold in any form, but may be on cards, etc. after you have purchased a commercial license. You MUST credit Patches of Pink and, if online, link to my site.
  • See more details below...

Actual Angel Policy:

Patches of Pink digital stamps and images are intended for personal and non-commercial use only and only the single, original purchaser has the right to use the product.

By purchasing Patches of Pink digital images, you are not purchasing the rights to reproduce them in any way.
You may not redistribute (including copying, sharing, lending, duplicating, re-selling) the products or their content in either their digital or printed format. This includes printing and selling the images on said printed sheets for crafting use.

Patches of Pink operates an Angel Policy whereby you are welcome to offer for sale any Cards and other hand-crafted paper items, such as Envelopes, Gift Boxes and Bags, etc. you create using the Patches of Pink designs you've purchased as long as you have also purchased a commercial license for them.

You may also donate your completed items to a charity for them to offer for sale.

You may not, however, offer goods you have made at wholesale cost for intent on retail sale by others.

You may not digitize Patches of Pink designs for embroidery machines.

You must personally create or handcraft every item you wish to sell that includes a Patches of Pink image or stamp. Items produced by any hired employees, paid or unpaid, for the purpose of profit are NOT allowed.

Patches of Pink requires credit for the images when the designs are used to create items for sale and sold publically.

You may not create Card Toppers or other items for people to make their own cards and offer them for sale.
You may not use Patches of Pink designs in banners, headers, avatars, buttons, and digital products for selling. But you may do it for your personal use (credit of Patches of Pink and a link to my site is required).

The designs are NOT to be made into physical rubber stamps, die-cuts or any other derivative product.
If you are a manufacturer and are interested in my designs, contact me at patchesofpink(at)gmail(dot)com to discuss or purchase a commercial license.

And finally:
  • You may not claim Patches of Pink designs to be your own.
  • You may not modify Patches of Pink designs in any manner.
  • I own the copyright on all Patches of Pink designs.

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