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Friday, May 6, 2011

Disney Travel Fund Jar - American Crafter Round 1 - Trash to Treasure

Thank you.

This project was so much fun to make! When I heard trash to treasure" as the theme for round 1 of American Crafter, I thought, "Now, what can I make? And out of what trash?!" But an idea popped into my head as I was watching Pride and Prejudice (no, I don't think the idea was really primed by the movie), so I quickly ran over to the trash can (yes, I literally fished through my trash) and grabbed the salsa jar that my hubby and I had finished earlier that day. I went to work cleaning it up, and then started on my project.

My family and I absolutely LOVE Disney World (our favorite restaurant there is the Sci-Fi Diner), so I decided to make a Disney travel fund jar, where we could slowly save up our extra coins and cash for a trip to Disney World. I took the theme of 'trash' very seriously, so all of the items that I used on the jar were things that I was going to throw away soon (scraps of paper, an old Disney World flyer from when we went to Disney World last time, some spare ribbon, and even some old scotch tape!!). The stamp came from Bugaboo stamps, and her stamps are currently 50% for the whole month of May. I hope you like my Disney jar, cause I love how it turned out!!

Now for how to make it...

1. Get an old jar and clean it up.

2. Cut out your strips of paper that are going to go around the jar and around the lid. (Emboss one or two of them if you'd like)

3. Find an old Disney logo lying around (or print one out if you don't have anything at home) and cut it how you would like it to appear on the jar.

4. Now, you can either attach the strips of paper to each other and then attach them all at once to the jar, -OR- You can wrap them around individually (which is what I did).

5. Attach the Disney logo to the front of the jar (on your paper strips).

6. Attach a strip of paper around the lid of the jar (if you have a jar like mine that has a thinner neck than the rest of the jar). This makes the lid prettier. You can also cut out a circle of paper and attach it to the top of the lid (to cover up whatever the jar held before you confiscated it from the trash).

7. Tie some ribbon around the jar (with a bow if you would like).

8. Take a small piece of white cardstock, stamp it with a favorite stamp, color it, and then cut it out. (Mine looks like a stamp of my daughter)

9. Take a small piece of black cardstock and cut it into the shape of a Mickey ears hat. Then, attach this to your stamp's head.

10. Attach the stamp to the paper that you put around the lid (or right onto the lid, or even on the top of the lid if you would like). You can attach a little piece of cardstock to the back of the stamp (see pic above) in order to get it to stand up.

And you're done!!!

Start saving your pennies! My jar is currently empty...That means that if I want to go and stay in a Disney Resort with my family for about 5 days...Let's just say it would be $2500 with airfare. That means 2500 times 100 pennies in a dollar. Yep, I only have 250,000 pennies still to save!! haha.

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  1. YIKES! I might be able to take my kids when they are in their 30s! haha! This is such a darling idea! I cannot wait to take my boys to Disney but I really better start saving now! Good luck in the competition! I think it's adorable!
    Scissors & Spatulas

  2. So cute! We have Disney fund jars here too! We have one for bills (put a lot of $1'S in it regularly and even some $5's as we get closer!) and one for coins! It is amazing how quick it can add up! I'm off to go vote for you!


  3. That's realllly cute! I like it a lot, we go to disney every year.. we LOVE IT.. this year we didn't get to go and I'm SO bummed.. maybe I should start saving like this and we can swing it ;)


  4. I just love this idea it is so useful and making good use of trash! Im going to do something similar for our vacation trip this year as i love the idea. good luck with the competition.

  5. Adorable! I love this! We just went to Disney World and now my boys ask me about it every day! I'm thinking I may make a travel fund for me. If I do, I'll post a link!

  6. Jalisa! I made something similar to this the end of April but I can't show you b/c it is for a June 1st hop. Shhh. I'll be sure to invite you. Your's is a bit prettier!


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