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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Valentine's Day Card By My Wonderful Husband!

Haha! This is a blog hijacking!! Jalisa is at a girls' night out right now, so I decided to surprise her by making a card for her! :-) I'm pretty proud of myself actually. The only tools I used were my hands, scissors, and glue tape...no Cricut, so anyone can make this (even your husbands!!!).


  1. Cut 8 1/2 x 11 inch piece of paper in half so that it is now 4 1/4 x 11 inches. Then, fold in half to make the card.
  2. Cut a strip of patterned paper at your own desired size. Place it on a darker colored paper (here I used brown). Then place these layers onto the dark purple layer. You get the idea.
  3. Cut a white or cream piece of paper at around 2 1/4 x 1 1/2 inches or so.  Take your favorite Valentine's Day stamp and stamp all over this layer. Then, place this on top of your brown layer and then purple paper layer (like we did in step 2).
  4. Punch a small hole through the top-right corner of the white/cream paper and tie your purple ribbon to it. I'm sure you can make a better bow than I can!!
  5. Place an elegant white brad over the punch hole/ribbon.
  6. Attach the bottom layer to the card.
  7. Take the smaller text/bow layer place it on the card in the desired position. Be sure to make it pop out using pop dots!
  8. Use your favorite long decorative stamp on the bottom.
  9. Congrats! You're done!

So, what does everyone think of my first Blog Hijacking?? Hope you all enjoyed it! Maybe I'll be back for more someday. For now, I can't wait to see the look on Jalisa's face when this magically posts tomorrow morning!!




  1. How sweet! You hijacked well! =)

  2. This is awesome! I would be in tears if my husband would do something like this for me. Very well done Hubby Patches of Pink! TFS

    Jess B.

  3. HOLY COW this is gorgeous. I think you need to be hijacking her craft space and blog more often. :)


  4. What a wonderful, thoughtful,your going to make me cry gesture. I really like the layout of this card. Hope to see more of your hijacking in the future.

  5. Good job!!! Very nice! Super duper good husband points to you!!!

  6. Way to go hubby!!!! I don't think my husband even knows what a brad is??? You are an awesome hubby to hijack her blog!!!!!
    Happy Crafting!!!

  7. Lucky lady! Love the card. You did a great job. You need to make cards more often.

  8. I think you did a fantastic job on the card and the hijacking! Lucky lady!!

  9. Beautiful card! I'm sure she will cherish it. I know I would if my husband did something like this.

  10. Just another example of your awesome talents. You can thank your Grandmother McDaniel for passing on to you a tender heart and the ability to express yourself with such love and passion.


  11. Great card! Thanks for linking up with us at Cooking with Cricut.

  12. Beautiful card! That was so sweet of him! Thanks for playing along at Cooking with Cricut!

  13. Oh, Jalisa . . . hubby done good! How sweet! Thanks for linking up to our Sweet Shop Blog Hop at Cooking With Cricut.

    ~ Jen, CWC Design Team

  14. wow!!!! Jalisa, keep him! he is a keeper girl... seriously!!!! how sweet of him!

    Thanks for playing with us at Cooking With Cricut! and on our hop!
    -- dalis
    CWC DT

  15. Wow! This is so pretty!

    Thanks for playing along with us at Cooking With Cricut. :)Becky CWC DT

  16. Great job. Love the stamp you used on this card! Thanks for playing along with the Sweet Shop Blog Hop!
    Nicole CWC DT


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