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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Moving Update and Teddy Bear Card

Hello to all my patient and faithful reader!!!!

WOW!!!  I haven't posted in a LONG LONG time.  Moving clear across the country really takes a toll on you.  We are finally getting down to the last two or three boxes, which makes me feel GREAT!!!  Its SO SO nice looking around my new home and not seeing boxes everywhere.  We even hung pictures up last week, which I'll have to post a couple of our picture arrangements because I think they are sweet lookin!  We do feel like we are starting to settle into our new area and I'm slowly learning my way around town.  We believe our daughter is starting to get used to her new home too and is now sleeping a lot better.  

We have also been able to get to know a few married couples that we go to church with and they all seem so great!  A lot of the wives that live around us are SAHM's and they get together fairly often, so its going to be good getting out and making new friends.  We have really felt welcomed to the area, which helps to make the transition a lot easier. 

So hopefully, now that we are pretty much moved in, I can get back to crafting.  I have been working on a couple home decor items for my new place that I'll be posting soon so be on the look out for them.  But I wanted to post this super cute card I made for my daughters first birthday.  I wasn't going to make her one in the beginning because I didn't think she would care, but then I got to thinking, "Duh Jalisa!  You'll want to scrapbook the cards and pictures after the party!"  So I made her a cute bear card last minute.  Its nothing extravagant, but my daughter liked it so much that she wanted to play with it.  I used my Gypsy and welded two of the bear images together for the Create a Critter cartridge.  What do ya think?!?!

I really wish everyone a happy and fabulous week!!!  Happy crafting!!!

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