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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Great News!!!!!

Hey Everyone!

I'm SO excited!  I just found out that I got featured in My Pink Stamper's gallery with my contest entry!  To visit her site just click here.  To visit her gallery and all the other great featured projects, click here.  I'm so flattered that they thought my card was good enough to feature!  Thanks so much Robyn and to all her Pink Designers!  You're awesome!!!

Here is the card I entered.


  1. Thanks for following:) I have posted a link to your Blog so others can find you! Also, I have just posted an exciting giveaway...spread the word and good luck!


  2. So cute the card. I am following and will post y our blinkie on my blog and put the link on my facebook.

  3. Thanks so much Peggy and Nicole!!!

  4. Congrats! It deserved to be featured!

  5. Found you through Canadian Nickel, love your blog! Congrats, mine was chosen for the gallery too, how fun!!


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