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Friday, March 12, 2010

Purple Embossed Card

Its Friday!  Its Friday!

Last night was so nice!  I was able to spend time with some wonderful ladies at a church activity last night, while my hubby stayed home and put our baby down for the night!  The activity was great and so was my hubby!  I should go out more often!!

Yesterday, I was trying to figure out what kind of card I wanted to make and realized I had a TON of scrap paper that I needed to do something with.  So I made a goal for myself...Try to use as many scraps as possible in my paper crafts.  Therefore, here is a cute and simple card made completely with scraps, including the ribbon.  I didn't use the Cricut, but I did use the Cuttlebug.  Its a cute and simple card that can be thrown together in no time!  

I hope everyone has a Fabulous day!  Happy Crafting!!!

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